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The Gulf Today, June 19, 2013

Dubai starts issuing marine drivers’ licences

June 19, 2013

DUBAI: The Dubai Maritime City Authority (DMCA) has started implementing Resolution No.2 of 2013 for Marine Craft Driving Licence as part of efforts to regulate the local maritime sector.

The move is in line with the best international practices and the highest levels of maritime safety, environmental security and safe navigation, under Resolution No.11 of 2013, and as part of the implementation of Law No.11 of 2010 for licensing of marine craft in the emirate of Dubai.

The recent decision confirms DMCA’s ongoing drive to develop a well-defined regulatory framework aimed at regulating, developing and promoting the maritime industry, complementing the Maritime Sector Strategy to strengthen Dubai’s leading position as a top international maritime destination. 

The application of the new resolution requires licensing for crew on personal, business, sports, tourism and recreational marine craft, including small and large-sized leisure craft, commercial marine vessels and traditional wooden dhows. According to the resolution, it is prohibited to use any marine craft within Dubai’s territorial waters unless he/she holds a certified licence from Dubai Maritime City Authority. All applicants must be medically fit and have the theoretical and practical knowledge and expertise to drive light marine vessels, abras and leisure craft.

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