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Gulf Today, August 4, 2013

‘No cash payments or vehicle registration renewals from companies’

August 04, 2013

Dubai: The RTA Licensing Agency announced that it would not accept cash payments or vehicle registration renewals from companies at any RTA centre as of Aug.1. 

Also, companies will not be able to apply at an RTA centre for a No Objection Certificate (NOC) to renew their trade licence. This step is part of a series of policies that change how companies transact at RTA’s centres aiming to make the services provided to them as streamlined and as transparent as possible. 

“These policies are supported by a new payment mode called e-wallet. This is a free debit service within RTA that was designed for companies. 

The company sets up their account and loads money into the account that is used to pay for licensing agency services, which are vehicle and driver services.  The service is fraud resistant and allows fund transfer at the time of the transaction. 

“The eWallet payment mode can be used for online payments as well as payments at RTA centres and at RTA partner sites,” according to Ahmed Bahrozian, CEO of  RTA’s Licensing Agency. 

“The RTA also has a wide range of services available through its Internet service. Companies can renew vehicle registrations and most other transactions from their office in minutes. In most cases there is no need to visit an RTA office. The Internet service also allows a company to apply for a No Objection for a Trade Licence Renewal and pay with a credit card or e-wallet,” said Bahrozian.

“The no cash policy and the no vehicle registration renewal policy will first apply to companies with more than 500 vehicles from Aug.1. However these policies will apply to all companies before the end of 2013,” he added. What this means to private individuals is less corporate clients in RTA centres that will improve customer service and reduce waiting times for private individuals.

Bahrozian said that these policies are good for companies and private individuals. There is no need for companies to be in RTA centres, overcrowding the centres and slowing service delivery for others, when they can do all their transactions from their office. 

The introduction of the e-wallet means companies are now not reliant on cash or credit cards to make payments to the agency.

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