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Kuwait Times, Wednesday, Jul 10, 2024 | Muharram 4, 1445

NBK supports LOYAC’s Permaculture program and initiative in Portugal


National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) reaffirms its commitment to sustainable agriculture and community development through its support of LOYAC’s Permaculture Training Program in Portugal. This initiative underscores NBK’s strategic partnership with LOYAC aimed at promoting environmental sustainability and youth empowerment. The Permaculture Training Program in Portugal offered participants a comprehensive understanding of permaculture principles and practices.

Permaculture, known for its integration of ecological principles and regenerative agriculture, equips participants with skills to design sustainable ecosystems that support biodiversity and enhance environmental health. Throughout the 7-day course, which took place from 24th June to 2nd July, 10 volunteers engaged in theoretical sessions, hands-on workshops, and practical demonstrations. They explored essential permaculture concepts such as observation, design principles, soil health, water management, and plant diversity.

The program culminated in a day of cultural exploration and sightseeing, enriching the participants’ learning experience. The Permaculture Training Program aligns with NBK’s commitment to sustainable development and youth empowerment. This initiative is part of NBK’s broader efforts to support educational and environmental initiatives that empower Kuwaiti youth and foster sustainable practices.

NBK always strives to empower Kuwaiti youth to realize their potentials, build their personalities and motivates their ambition. These agricultural trips with LOYAC comes in line with our strategy to invest in our society. Throughout the program, LOYACers had practical training in agriculture with the aim of achieving advanced skills in the field that will allow the trainee to find job opportunities in existing and expected agricultural initiatives and projects.

LOYAC is a nonprofit organization that runs several programs for the youth to develop their professional skills, enhance their personal growth and help them find their sense of purpose by extending themselves to others.

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